06Apr 2019

Finska World Championship


It's on again sports fans! Finska at it's best............and worst!
15 Adults
1 Children
7 Cars

After domination last years competition, Wayne will be looking at wining back to back championship titles. Stephan put in a poor performance, and will need to improve this year to be a chance to get back on the top. Adrian and Travis made it to the finals again but were not able to take out the title, but with a little luck, either way, one of them could be in with a chance this year. Julie, the dark horse, was also a top performer last year. Coming out of nowhere, she came close, but missed out on the title. Will there be an upset? Will Wayne hold off all comers to be a two time world Champion? Will someone jag the title with a dodgy bounce? Most importantly, who will take out the Bung Chuck?

Be quick to register your name, to be in contention for the Subaru 4WD clubs premier sporting event. It is free to enter, but back handers and brown envelopes are always welcome. This is only open to current members only. Spectators and cheer squads will be greatly appreciated.

Like previous years it will be a t Tranby Reserve in Maylands. There is plenty of parking at the Mayland Tennis club at the corner of Clarkson and Hardey roads. The competition will kick off at 10.30, with the warm up and knock out rounds. Depending on how many people how many games we end up in the first round, the first 2 to 3 people from each game with go through to the final. After lunch, those left in the running will take center stage. After the dust settles the winner will be lorded in glory and the trophy handed over. we should be done about 1. 

This year, I'm looking to video each game so everyone who rocks up can vote for the Bung chuck. This trophy is awarded to the most unlucky throw of the day. Last year Adrian took it out with a toss that scraped the pin he was after but failed to knock it over. So if you have a camera that we can borrow, bring it down. 

If you don't know what Finska is, WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU!! It's a non contact, stick trowing game, that has more to do with lucky bounces that the ability to throw straight. the rules are complexly simple and easy to follow.

There are 12 pins, numbered 1 to 12. You trow a stick at said pins to knock down an individual pin or group. If you knock down a single pin, you pet points equal to the number on the pin. if you knock down more than 1 pin you get point equal to the number of the pins you've knocked down. First to exactly 50 wins. Go over 50 points, you bust and go back to 25 points, and start over from there. If you don't knock down any pins, you get a strike. Like Baseball you get 3, then your out. There are a couple extra rules, but they can be explained on the day.

Bring lunch and some water. There is a BBQ near by, so you can fry up a few snags. Last year was a bit sunny, so sunscreen if the weather is good. 
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Leader(s): Travis MASKEY