06Jul 2019

20Jul 2019

4WD Gathering Short trip


Head to the 4WD Gathering via Karijini National Park. Then back via the coast, via Exmouth and Shark Bay.
3 Adults
0 Children
3 Cars

Leaving Saturday, we'll head up via the Great Northern Hwy. The first night will be at Nallan Station. We should arrive at Auski Tourist village late on Sunday, where we will spend the next 5 nights. Auski has a roadhouse, where we can get fuel and some food if we need it. From here we will head into Karijini National Park each day. We will head into Tom Price to resupply on Tuesday or Wednesday, depending how we go. On the Friday, we will head up to Port Headland, then on to Karratha, possibly via Marble bar.

From the gathering we'll head back via the coast, staying at Cape Range Natonal Park and Hamlin Station for 2 nights each. Cape range is excellent to go snorkeling and fishing. Exmouth has snorkeling and fishing charter which are excellent. Hamlin Station is right at the bottom of Shark Bay. From there we can take in Monkey Mia, Denham and all it has to offer, or even take a day trip out to Steep Point. The last Friday We'll stay at the Western Flora Caravan Park About 10km north of Eneabba. The last day we can either head straight home or head over to Cervantes to check out the Pinnacles. 

In all the trip will be about 4500 KM, and a good chunk will be on gravel and poorly maintained roads. You will need to make sure your car will be able to make the journey. I will recommend that you service your car with in 2 months of going on this trip. I will also recommend that you take a few spares like radiator hoses, coolant, fan belts, CV boots and grease, as well as a tool kit to fix the problems if they occur. An extra spare tyre will be a good idea.

Cape range Natioal Park, Nallan Station and Hamlin Station have no potable water, so you will have to bring your own for these places. You will also have to be able to fend for yourself food wise in these places. 

I have already book sites at Nallan and Hamlin Stations. I will need to book For Cape Range National Park and for the last night on the road back. Cape Range is an online booking system. As soon as July is active I will book as many sites as cars on the trip. This park will be full in no time, so be quick to put your name down, because once the park is full I will close the trip.

Nallan station $30 per night unpowered
Auski Tourist Park $30 Per night powered or $20 unpowered
Cape Range National Park $11 per Adult/$3 per Kid per night
Hamlin Station $14 per Adult per night unpowered
Western Flora Caravan Park $28 unpowered

On top of the usual camping trip gear, you may want to take a recovery kit, a shovel, and a compressor, in case you want to go on a trip at the gathering, and for Steep Point if we go..

The trip up and back has little chance of scratches. Steep Point may be the exception, but it shouldn't be too bad. The trips offered as part of the Gathering are unknown at present. last year they weren't too bad unless you were a lifted Colorado. They have different difficulty rated trips, so there should be something for everyone. 

The meeting point will be Gingers Roadhouse. Be there at 730 with a full tank of fuel. 

As we get closer to departure, these trip details will change, so keep an eye out for those. I will close the trip as soon as Cape Range National Park have no more campsites left. You may still be able to come on the trip, but you will have to let me know where you will be staying in Exmouth. 
Login for more information, or Email the trips co-ordinator if you would like more information, or to join the trip as a guest.

Leader(s): Travis MASKEY