08Sep 2018

09Sep 2018

Camping Demo Weekend


We're off to Willowbrook Farm along the Moore River to soak in the environment and learn about the range of camping gear and vehicle setups amongst the club. Join us!
16 Adults
3 Children
10 Cars

Heading just over an hour north to camp a night a Willow Brook Farm, a small hobby farm located inland of Perth-Lancelin Rd backing on to the Moore River.

With the variety of tents, swags and trailers in the club it's a great way for everyone to come along and see the setups and get some ideas to expand your setup.

Not only will you get to see a range of camping produtcs from chairs, tents, tables, lights, there's also a variety of members that have customised their vehicles in assorted ways. check out each one and listen to why they've been built in certain ways.

There will be extra tips and tricks on setting each thing up along with the know how to pack it all back in the tiny bag it came with!

Willowbrook also put on a batch of scones with local fresh jams on the sunday morning, so make sure you dont miss this trip!

This trip is for experienced club members to demonstrate their equipment for newer members to see whats available and share knowledge. All club members are encouraged to come along. 

You'll also get to see vehicles with Awnings, 2nd Batteries, Fridges,  Lights, UHF Radios, Flags, Fire Extinguishers, and heaps more installed!

Camping Fee's Apply.
Willowbrook Website contains all current pricing.
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Trip Image

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Leader(s): Adrian LONGWOOD