04May 2019

05May 2019

Turquoise Coast Cultural & Environmental Experience

This is a Tending The Tracks Alliance special event held at Wedge Island and environs.<br>

05May 2019

Seabird Scramble

This double optioned trip starts as a mid morning beach run from Moore River to Seabird and finishes up at the Seabird Tavern for lunch. You can skip the beach run and head straight to the Tavern if you wish.

18May 2019

19May 2019

Dwellingup Mystery Tour

<p>Pack a picnic lunch and come for a day trip to Dwellingup. Along the way we shall:</p> <p>· &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; Explore the Royal Commission road, </p> <p>· &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; Marvel at the railway line that needed 2 trains to operate</p> <p>· &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; Search for places of buried treasure</p> <p>· &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; See where the steam started</p> <p>· &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; Admire artwork produced by visiting European artists</p> <p>· &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; Look for a river crossing that’s not there.</p> <p>And just enjoy travelling through the jarrah forest.</p> <p>This trip is generally easy going and suitable for Foresters, Outbacks and XVs.</p> <p>If you want to camp overnight, camping facilities are available at Nanga in the Lane-Poole Reserve (Entry and camping fees apply).</p>NOTE: This is Election Day. Please vote before coming (Postal or early vote).

18May 2019

16Jun 2019

Track Care CSR Project

TRIP 1, 2019 - Dunny Build at Punmu &amp; Maintenance run from Well 33 to Wiluna.

26May 2019

Fiddles and Nibbles

Well it is time to again check over your vehicle and do any small jobs required to get it ready for those winter trips.<br>

01Jun 2019

03Jun 2019

Silo Art Trail

<p>Explore the Wheatbelt following this new trail which has brought world class murals by local and international artists to transform grain silos, public walls and transformer boxes artworks in a number of country towns.</p><p>This is a social event suitable for caravans and camper trailers. We will be driving along main roads to view the new public art in Northam, Merredin, Katanning, Pingrup, Newdegate, and Ravensthorpe.</p> <br> <p>Each overnight stop will be in a town with options to camp, to have a room and to eat out. . This is a trip on made roads except for a short leg where we will explore the Sutherland Track between Pingrup and Nyabing.</p> <br>

08Jun 2019

09May 2019

TTTA - Wedge-Grey

This is a placeholder for a Tending The Tracks Alliance project at Wedge-Grey.<br>Please visit&nbsp; <a href="https://www.facebook.com/tendingthetracksalliance/">https://www.facebook.com/tendingthetracksalliance/</a>&nbsp;for more details and to go on this trip.<br><br> &nbsp;

16Jun 2019

Noble Falls Tavern Lunch

<p>Come along to lunch at the historic Noble Falls Tavern Restaurant - a laid-back watering hole turning out sizeable portions of hearty pub food. The tavern is dog-friendly if you eat in an outside area. </p>

22Jun 2019

23Jun 2019

TTTA - Harrop Inlet near Greenhead

<p style="text-align: left;">This is a placeholder for a Tending The Tracks Alliance project at Harrop Inlet near Greenhead . </p><br> <p style="text-align: left;">Please visit &nbsp;<a href="https://www.facebook.com/tendingthetracksalliance/" rel="noreferrer" target="_blank">https://www.facebook.com/tendingthetracksalliance/</a>&nbsp;for more details and to go on this trip. </p><br>

22Jun 2019

Wild West Charters - Jet Boat Ride and Meal...

<h1>Note now a 11:15 start</h1><br>Brief:Robert and Wendy won a voucher for 14 people to go on a Wild West Charters Jet Boat Ride values at $840 - so we'd like to share our good fortune with 12 other club members.<br><br>So come join us for a exhilarating trip on a<b>&nbsp;10000hp</b>jet boat, starting at Elizabeth Quay.<br><br>Details about Wild West Charters can be found <a href="http://wildwestcharters.com.au/">here</a>&nbsp;<br>Following the trip we've booked in at the<a href="https://www.theislandeq.com.au/eat-drink">&nbsp;Island Brewhouse</a>&nbsp;for whatever takes your fancy - sorry unlike the jet ride, this isn't free.<br><br>With limited numbers - the jet ride will be down to the 1st 14 registered. However please feel free to just come along for something to eat/drink.<br><br><br><br><br>

29Jun 2019

30Jun 2019

Camp Oven Cookout

Our Annual Camp Oven Cookout is on so join us for a fabulous feast and night under the stars around the fire.

29Jun 2019

30Jun 2019

TTTA - Hill River

<p style="text-align: left;">This is a placeholder for a Tending The Tracks Alliance project at Hill River. </p><br> <p style="text-align: left;">Please visit &nbsp;<a href="https://www.facebook.com/tendingthetracksalliance/" rel="noreferrer" target="_blank">https://www.facebook.com/tendingthetracksalliance/</a>&nbsp;for more details</p>We are capped at 10 Members. First in first served.<br>Register on here and names will be forwarded to TTT Coordinators.<br><br>

08Jul 2019

20Jul 2019

Station hopping to Karratha

Join us as some people head up the coast to the 4WD Gathering in Karratha.<br>We are&nbsp;stopping at a few stations on the way and you are welcome&nbsp;to tag along even if you are not going to the 4WD Association Gathering.&nbsp;<br>You may want to just stay at one of the stations on the way for a few days and that is fine too.<br><br>

12Jul 2019

14Jul 2019

4WD Association Gathering in Karratha

<p> </p><h3>The WA4WDA Gathering at Karratha Caravan Park, Bayview Road Karratha</h3> <p style="text-align: center;">Friday 12<sup>th</sup> - Saturday 13th – Sunday 14th - Monday 15th July 2019 </p> <br> <p>This event is for all 4WD Clubs who are members of the Association and their visitors – it is not open to the general public – if you have visitors they are to abide by your Club Code of Ethics</p> <p><span style="color: rgb(100, 0, 0);"><b>RSVP Date is 10</b></span><sup><span style="color: rgb(100, 0, 0);"><b>th</b></span></sup><span style="color: rgb(100, 0, 0);"><b> May 2019 and there will be no extension of this date. &nbsp; We are dealing with a commercial establishment</b></span></p> <br><p>&nbsp;</p>

14Jul 2019

Mundaring Powerlines and Beyond

Join us for a run along the Mundaring Powerlines to test your skills on rocky (and possibly muddy) terrain.

15Jul 2019

24Jul 2019

Karratha to Alice Springs

This trip heads off after the 4WD Association gathering in Karratha and goes via Marble Bar and the Gary Junction road to the West MacDonnell Ranges. We will then meet up with people coming from Perth in Alice Springs prior to crossing the Simpson Desert.

20Jul 2019

24Jul 2019

Perth to Alice Springs

This trip is to meet up with the people coming from Karratha in Alice Springs prior to crossing the Simpson Desert.

25Jul 2019

05Aug 2019

Alice Springs to Coober Pedy

This trip takes us south from Alice Springs to Lamberts geographical centre of Australia. Then for swim at Dalhousie Springs before heading across the Simpson Desert to Birdsville. We have a couple of nights in Birdsville before going down the Birdsville track around the bottom of Lake Eyre to Coober Pedy

27Jul 2019

Santa's Summer Creek Soirée

<div> Let's have a truly Australian Christmas-in-July lunch experience at the rustic but welcoming Summer Creek Restaurant and Brewery at Baker's Hill. <br></div><div> <p>Break out your Ugleeee Xmas Sweaters &amp; Shirts! It's their time to Shine!</p> </div>

27Jul 2019

Mundaring Forest Night Drive

An Arvo and evening drive through the Mundaring State Forest as the sun sets

07Aug 2019

16Aug 2019

Coober Pedy to Perth

<p>I am after expressions of interest in returning from Coober Pedy. </p> <p>There is the option of going straight home across the Nullarbor which will get us home on 11 Aug</p> <p>The other option is going via the Anne Beadell Highway (which is a 1300 km rough track through the desert). This will get us home around 16 Aug.</p>

17Aug 2019

Loafing at the Left Bank

<p>THIS TRIP HAS BEEN CANCELLED DUE TO LACK OF NUMBERS</p><p>Join fellow Club members for a lazy Saturday morning brekky with views of the Swan River at The Left Bank. Club guests welcome.</p>

23Aug 2019

25Aug 2019

Tending the Tracks - Charles Darwin Reserve

<p> This is a placeholder for a Tending The Tracks event at the Charles Darwin Reserve<br></p>

25Aug 2019

Lancelin Sand Dunes

07Sep 2019

SOCIAL BOWL NIGHT - 10 Pin Bowling and Chinese dinner (in a bowl)

<p>Break out your bowling socks, grab the family, and join us for an evening of 10 Pin Bowling at ZONE BOWLING, Morley. Afterwards, we can go across the road to Wah Sun Chinese Restaurant for dinner. </p>

07Sep 2019

08Sep 2019

Leeman/Greenhead Working Weekend

<div>This a Tending The Tracks Alliance (TTTA) event.</div><div>If you want to join the trip, contact Alison at TTTAlliance@ccwa.org.au</div><div>Check out the TTTA Facebook page for more information:</div><div><a href="https://www.facebook.com/tendingthetracksalliance/">https://www.facebook.com/tendingthetracksalliance/</a><br></div>

14Sep 2019

15Sep 2019

Brockman's Hideout

Wild flowers and granite outcrops with a bit of colourful history.

28Sep 2019

30Sep 2019

Mellenbye Wildflower LWE

We're out to thaw out after winter and see what the wildflower season brings us. The wildflowers have already started at Mellenbye Station in late July.

04Oct 2019

06Oct 2019

Cocktails and Jaffles - A Night at the Opera

Interested in joining Toyota Land Cruiser Club of WA members for an old fashioned weekend of easy four wheel driving, camping at a country race track and an evening of light hearted competition making jaffles and mixing cocktails - fancy dress theme 'A Night at the Opera'?.<br><br><br>

08Oct 2019

40th Anniversary Key Ring

The Club's 40th Anniversary is this year and it will be celebrated at the Annual Dinner on Saturday 2 November.&nbsp; To commemorate the event, the Club has available for sale an Anniversary key ring with a specially designed (by Rob Griffiths) Club Anniversary logo engraved on it.&nbsp; Assuming we get orders for 10+ key rings, the cost will be $10.00 each.&nbsp; If you want one (or more), put your name down.&nbsp; Orders close at the GM on 8 October. Payment can be made in person at a meeting. Eftpos is now available.<br>Or by posting a cheque with your name to:<br> The Subaru 4WD Club of Western Australia inc. &nbsp;P.O. BOX 434 South Perth, Western Australia, 6951<br>Or direct credited to the Club’s bank account at Westpac: BSB 036-078 account 28-9726<br>Be sure to include your name before sending. <br>

19Oct 2019

20Oct 2019

Wedge to Grey DBCA Working Weekend

This a Tending The Tracks Alliance (TTTA) event.<br> If you want to join the trip, contact Alison at TTTAlliance@ccwa.org.au<br> Check out the TTTA Facebook page for more information:<br> <div><a href="https://www.facebook.com/tendingthetracksalliance/">https://www.facebook.com/tendingthetracksalliance/</a></div><div><br></div><div>Putting up bollards.<br></div><div> <img alt="Image may contain one or more people sky tree mountain outdoor and nature" src="https://scontent.fper2-1.fna.fbcdn.net/v/t1.0-9/68440852_2343784432605784_442984056485838848_o.jpg?_nc_cat=106&amp;_nc_oc=AQmQrxvRCP3FeLZ2Ri_abdUT-DE7RgWtPuyhm2tvx-ZIkFj_M1eCrfxBmPpWc97hjfU&amp;_nc_ht=scontent.fper2-1.fna&amp;oh=eebfa0adf049a3ed38cb327c6645b865&amp;oe=5DD9A2AF" class="spotlight" width="524" height="392"> <br></div>

20Oct 2019

Leschenault Loiter

<p>Come and join in a day trip on Sunday 20 October 2019 to the Leschenault Conservation Park just north of Bunbury. We can explore the park, investigate the old Belvidere farm and commune site and check out Belvidere Beach.</p>

27Oct 2019

PSA Subie Fest WA Charity Car Show

An event showcasing Perths local Subaru community whilst raising funds &amp; awareness for local charities!<br><br>[This year all profits go to Perth Children's Hospital Foundation - Paliative Care]<br><br>We hope to see you there! ????<br><br>Event organised by Perth Subaru Alliance Inc.