14Mar 2020

15Mar 2020

TTTa Cervantes Coast Care/Dandaragan Shire working weekend

This a Tending The Tracks Alliance (TTTA) event.<br>If you want to join the trip, contact Alison at TTTAlliance@ccwa.org.au<br>Check out the TTTA Facebook page for more information:<br><a href="https://www.facebook.com/tendingthetracksalliance/">https://www.facebook.com/tendingthetracksalliance/</a>

28Mar 2020

Finska Subaru World Championship CANCELLED

YES sports Fans it's on again!! Let the wooden pegs fly!!

28Mar 2020

29Mar 2020

Working the Wanagarren CANCELLED

This is a working, and fun, weekend on the Wanagarren Track (on the coastline from Grey to Wedge). <br>

10Apr 2020

13Apr 2020

Murchison Station Refresher CANCELLED

We're marching north with the masses but hiding away at Murchison House Station thats situated on the River just out of Kalbarri. Bush camping at its finest.

25Apr 2020

27Apr 2020

Helena and Aurora Ranges CANCELLED

<p>The Helena and Aurora Range (Aboriginal name 'Bungalbin') is a magnificent banded ironstone formation (BIF) range about 100km north of Southern Cross. </p> <p>We will be bush camping at the base of the ranges and there are no facilities nearby. Sunday we will go exploring around the area, returning to Perth on Monday perhaps via Beacon and some interesting isolated bush land reserves. </p> <p>The trip subject to weather conditions as this area turns to mud after rain. An alternative trip will run if this happens, same type of camping trip, just different direction. </p>

03May 2020

Super Supa Golf with bigger balls CANCELLED

Back from a brief hiatus. Supa Golf is super easy to play. With modified balls and clubs.<br>.

09May 2020

17May 2020

Explore the Wheatbelt CANCELLED

Time to explore the towns and their museums that we normally drive straight passed rather than actually seeing them properly.&nbsp;

30May 2020

01Jun 2020

4WD Association Gathering LWE CANCELLED

Place Holder and pre-registration for the 2020 Gathering of associated clubs

07Jun 2020

13Jun 2020

Hyden Hideouts

<p style="text-align: justify;">New tracks to explore, the very best bush camping, starry nights, and surrounded by nature in the Great Western Woodlands with occasional interjected history. Enjoy the flora, fauna, geology and scenery.</p>

14Jun 2020

Fiddles and Nibbles

Well it is time to again check over your vehicle and do any small jobs required to get it ready for those winter trips.

27Jun 2020

28Jun 2020

Camp Oven Cookout

<p>Our Annual Camp Oven Cookout is on so join us for a fabulous feast and night under the stars around the fire.</p>

18Jul 2020

16Aug 2020

Kimberley Caper

<p>This is an extended trip taking in the popular Kimberley locations that are easily accessible by Subaru. We will have several two night camps to reduce the need to be on the go all the time and allowing people to sit and enjoy the country. </p>

19Jul 2020

25Jul 2020

Weowanie & Wallangie

<p style="text-align: justify;">New tracks to explore, the very best bush camping, starry nights, and surrounded by nature in the Great Western Woodlands with occasional interjected history. Enjoy the flora, fauna, geology and scenery.</p>

26Jul 2020

Lancelin Sand Dunes

We're off to bound around the Lancelin Sand Dunes for the day. Explore the soft rolling white sandy dunes. Join us to see how your Subaru climbs these magnificent hills.

02Aug 2020

Yanchep NP & Inn

Default description here

15Aug 2020

23Aug 2020

Mt Augustus and Kennedy Ranges

Place holder for Mt Augustus and Kennedy Ranges trip

22Aug 2020

23Aug 2020

Balingup medieval festival

<div>The festival is very colorful with lots of people dressing up in medieval costumes. Food, stalls selling all kinds of medieval wares. You can hire a costume on site if you are so inclined. In the evening they set fire to a large wooden dragon.</div><div>From the website:<br></div><div> <p>The Carnivale opens on Saturday in the grounds of the Balingup Community Centre and is a celebration of the richness of our vital, diverse and active community. There will be all day entertainment featuring music and dance, medieval combat and horseback archery. You can get up close with friendly snakes and marvel at the raptors in flight. The grand parade each day and the <strong>burning of the dragon on Saturday night</strong>. With over 100 variety stalls including local food produce and regional wines there is plenty to see and do. Everyone is encouraged to dress in medieval costume. Step back in time and join us for a fabulous weekend.</p> <p>A street parade, jesters, music, stalls and lots of entertainment all add to the merriment. Both town residents and visitors come dressed appropriately and join in the spirit of the day. The events attracts thousands of visitors, so come and <strong>&nbsp;</strong>Carnivale</p> <br></div>

29Aug 2020

Wariin Spring Wander

<p>This is primarily a wildflower day trip through Jarrahdale and Mundaring State Forests sprinkled with history and an option to overnight at York. It’s a beautiful area, and in spring a blaze of colourful wildflowers with much popping in and out of the car to admire.</p><p>Optional overnight, back next day.<br></p> <br>

29Aug 2020

05Sep 2020

LEOB (Lakes East of Boulder)

<span style="background-color: rgb(0, 0, 0);">Note: Date Has been changed to August 29 - September 5.</span><br><i><u><b>Note change of date to Sunday Aug 29 to Saturday Sep 5</b></u></i><br><br> 7 Days&nbsp; = three x 2-night bush camps and home on the 7<sup>th</sup> night. ‘Newbies’ especially welcome. New tracks to explore, the very best bush camping, starry nights, and a lot of changing terrain from woodlands through the ‘Transitional Flora Zone’, into the fringes of the Great Victoria Desert (GVD), cross the ‘Mulga/Eucalypt Line’, and back through all of the above.<br> In every sense, a trip of great variety. <br>