Meetings are held on the second Tuesday of the month at 7.30pm.The venue is the Moresby Street Hall, Kensington.
There is a Door prize for members attending meetings.
Current fees are:
Metro Member  $50      Social Member  $30
Country Member  $40
Posted Magazine $30

Upcoming Trips

Tending the Tracks - Chingarrup Nature Reserve

01Mar 2019

04Mar 2019

Wedged Tailed Eagle Retreat

02Mar 2019

04Mar 2019

Sunset picnic and paddle

17Mar 2019

Finska World Championship

06Apr 2019

Easter Weekend at Warriedar

19Apr 2019

22Apr 2019

Murchison Meander

22Apr 2019

28Apr 2019

12Mar 2019
Next club meeting

Come join us at our Monthly Meetings, meet club members, find out about upcoming trips, and have a general chinwag.

This month at Ranger Outdoors at 7pm

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