Meetings are held on the second Tuesday of the month at 7.30pm.The venue is the South Perth Library, Mopoke room, corner of South terrace and Sandgate street South Perth.

Current fees are:
Metro Member  $50      Social Member  $30
Country Member  $40
Posted Magazine $30

Upcoming Trips

August General Meeting

11Aug 2020

Mt Augustus and Kennedy Ranges

15Aug 2020

23Aug 2020

Wariin Spring Wander

22Aug 2020

23Aug 2020

LEOB (Lakes East of Boulder)

29Aug 2020

05Sep 2020

Wandoo and Wildflowers

12Sep 2020

13Sep 2020

Finska Subaru World Championship

19Sep 2020

11Aug 2020
Next club meeting

Come join us at our Monthly Meetings, meet club members, find out about upcoming trips, and have a general chinwag.

Our usual  venue is the South Perth Libray, Mopoke room,  South Perth at 7.30pm

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