Installation for Forester Limited

If you are thinking of buying lift kits its important to understand first what it is. A lift kit is a vehicle modification that is used to lift either the suspension or the body.

If you lift the vehicle by less than 50 mm then you don't need an approval from the Vehicle Safety Branch

Lift kits basically come in two formats:
a) the body lift kit    and   ( b) the suspension lift kit.

  • A body lift kit raises the body on the stock suspension.
  • A suspension lift kit raises the body and frame.

  • A lift kit can be tricky to install. If you are not mechanically minded it's not a good idea to do it yourself. There are some club members who have successfully installed body lift kits.

    There is no doubt that a body or suspension lift kit will improve the off-road capability of your Subaru vehicle. The suspension lift is more expensive than a body lift. However, I was not sure what effect the lift-kit would have on the change of the drive shaft angle and on the performance of my vehicle in general. I discussed this issue with some club members and was told that it might have an affects on the CV-joints but there wasn't any real problem with the installation of a body lift-kit.

    A comment from a mechanically experienced member:
    "My Liberty did 350,000 km with same CV joints and lift kit for 250,000 so I don't see it having any great effect on their life expectancy. Outback is up to 150,000 with 100,000 of that lifted."

    More research confirmed that body lift kits do not affect the ride quality of the vehicle. However, it does not increase ground clearance under the differential, but it allows taller tires to be installed and it increase the angle of approach, break angle and angle of departure.

    Standard ground clearance                          Ground clearance improvement with 2" Lift Kit

    As I didn't want to spend too much money I researched kit prices on the Internet. I found a forum note looking for people interested to join a bulk buying order for a body lift kid set at a price of $180.00.

    This sounded good to me and some Weeks later I received my lift kit from High Rise Subaru for $180.00 + $27 postage.

    As you can see from the link below a very good bargain.

    2" or 3" SUBARU FORESTER Lift Kit      $390.00   (2007)
    This lift kit consist of four (4) blocks which need to be placed on top of the struts.

    Click on the links below for further information and dealers/manufacturers of lift kits:

    Kit No: 95R      Forester; Price $825.00 (2007)

    This lift kit is more expensive and also more complicated
    to install.

    Installing-Lift-Kits                         Suspension Bible

      The opposite picture show the arrangement of the lift-kit blocks onto the struts of my Forester

    Here is more information on the installation of my lift kit

    In lack of tools and facilities I didn't dare to do the work myself. I rang a couple of suspension firms for a quote and happily accepted a quote from Precise Suspension. It took two mechanics more than two hours to complete the work. The four blocks, as shown below, needed to be put on top of the struts. 

    The following pictures show the installation onto the front wheel struts.



    The same procedure for the font left side. Tightening the last screws and the front blocks are already installed.

    It can be said that putting the blocks onto the front struts was pretty easy.

    The next pictures show the installation of the lift kit blocks onto the rear wheel struts.

    Getting the blocks onto the rear struts was not so easy.

    The mechanics had to disconnect the front and rear sway bars to get the struts back in.

    Karl Boeing


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